Requesting Access

Advance is accessible via MyAccess.

  1. If you have MyAccess credentials, which is an Active Directory account:
    • Login to MyAccess using those credentials
    • Click on Advance from the list of applications
  2. If you do not have MyAccess credentials/an Active Directory account, please check with your department or contact your HR Representative. It will need to be requested for you by creating a ticket through ServiceNow.

For Faculty and Non-Faculty Academics (NFAs) with an appointment in the payroll system, access to Advance is automatically granted. If you believe you should have access to Advance but are unable to log in, please contact your Department Manager or HR Representative.

If you need proxy access for a particular faculty member, please contact the faculty directly. Proxy access can only be assigned by a faculty member to those they designate to work on his/her CV or Packet by following the instructions for Assigning Proxy Users.

The Administrator and Admin Plus roles are assigned by the Advance Security Administrator. Access requests for department Administrator or Admin Plus should be sent by the Department Chair or Manager to [email protected].