Exit Surveys

In fiscal year 2012, on the recommendation of the Clinical Affairs Committee of the UCSF Academic Senate, the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs became the executive sponsor of a new effort to evaluate faculty departures from UCSF. A joint faculty-administration working group developed an on-line survey instrument that is sent to all departing faculty (retirees and non-retirees) with data being collected and analyzed as of 2012-2013. In collaboration with campus leadership, the findings from the Faculty Exit Survey is used to inform future efforts and programs to address issues related to faculty retention. Data collection from faculty who depart UCSF is ongoing.

Contact: Irené Merry (415) 502-0244

UCSF Faculty Exit Survey

The Faculty Exit Survey Report summarizes the findings, describing reasons why faculty separated from UCSF, chose new positions elsewhere, and perceptions of their experiences and of the climate at UCSF.

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